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Jikiden Friendship Seminar 2017


4th – 6th August



We are proud to present a European IAIDO Summer Seminar with Morita Sensei and Oshita Sensei in Augsburg, Germany.


We invite all Iaidoka regardless of style to this great opportunity to train hard under a number of high grade sensei from Japan and Europe.


Teaching will be led by:


MORITA Tadahiko Sensei Iaido, Hachidan Hanshi

OSHITA Masakazu Sensei Iaido, Hachidan Kyoshi

FUJIWARA Takashi Sensei, Rokudan Renshi


Supported by western Nanadan- and Rokudan-Senseis


SCHEDULE:               The following schedule does apply:

                                    Friday,         4th August      14:00 – 18:00 Iaido

                                    Saturday,    5th August      09:30 – 17:00 Iaido

                                    Sunday,      6th August      09:30 – 17:00 Iaido




ORGANISATION:      Henry Schubert (Genbukan Augsburg e.V.) and

                                     Oliver Bischoff (Iaido Verein Achmühle e.V.)


DOJO:                        Erhard-Wunderlich-Halle

                                    Ulrich-Hofmaier-Str. 30

                                    86159 Augsburg – Germany


COSTS:                      Seminar:       €100,-


HOTEL           Please make the booking with the hotel of your choice.



Application Form


First name:                                               Surname:                                                         






Your style:              Jikiden                       Shinden                     other


Organisation:      _______


Grade:      ______


First Aid

Please tick if you are First Aid qualified:  First Aid



PLEASE COMPLETE BELOW (to be used in case of a medical emergency or accident).

Please advise us of any medical issues that may affect your training:                                  


Emergency contact name:     

Emergency Telephone No:     


Please email this form to Oliver Bischoff with subject “Friendship Seminar 2017” no later than 1st July 2017.


Data security: All personal data will only be used for organising the seminar and be deleted at latest 6month after the seminar. Data will not be given to any 3rd party outside this organisation.



Getting there:


By flight

Munich Airport is nearby. From the Airport you can use either local trains or rental car. On demand we will as well arrange a shuttle service from the airport.

From the airport take local trains S8 or S1 to Munich central station, which will take you there within ~40 min. From Munich central station please follow instructions under “by train”.


Please let us know your flight schedule in advance via email. We will try to arrange a private shuttle service for you if we can build up a bigger group. We will communicate the schedule and destination location via the website.



By car

Use the highway A8 from or to Munich. Augsburg is approx. 30min west of Munich.




By train

From Munich central station you can take a direct train to Augsburg station. There are various trains running with different speeds and prices. The journey should take you ~30-40min. From Augsburg station you can change to the Tram which will take you to the recommended hotels or the dojo within 10 min all on the same line. (…see within Augsburg)



Within Augsburg:

In Augsburg you should use the Tram line 1 from Koenigsplatz which will take you to the dojo or the recommended hotels within 10 min.

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