Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Textbook

Told By Haruna Sensei

Written by Morita Sensei and Oshita Sensei

Morita Sensei and Oshita Sensei recently published a textbook to give their studends the opportunity to study Koryu more effectivly which the senseis are not in Europe. This will help our development in Europe.

There is currently a stock of a number of textbooks with myself and can be ordered via Email. Please send your name and address and the number of textbook you need. I will send them to your home in either Germany, Europe or abroad. Alternativly you can contact Doug Evens from the UK.

1 text book €30,- (all the money is going into the jikiden kitty 100%)

postage charge Germany €2.- for 1 book
postage charge Germany €4.- for up to 3 books
postage charge Europe €10 for up to 3 books
postage charge US €6.00 for 1 book

I will give you bank acount or paypal details after receiving your order via email to oliver.bischoff(@)
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